asbestos removal services calgary

Asbestos Removal Services

If you own a property built in the 1990s or prior, it most likely contains asbestos. Asbestos-based building materials were used as an efficient barrier against noise, cold weather, and fire. While asbestos is generally harmless when left undisturbed and sealed behind walls, it poses health risks when disturbed. Any damage to your building due to vandalism, water damage, fire hazards, or renovations can affect asbestos-based materials and create a severe health hazard to everyone living in the building. 

If you suspect asbestos presence in your property, Lydale Property Restoration is your trusted asbestos removal expert in Calgary. Our primary goal is to assess your property and remove all traces of asbestos to prevent dangerous exposure to the substance. As a result, you can protect your family or employees from issues such as lung cancer, asbestosis (scarring of the lungs), or mesothelioma (cancer that affects the chest lining and abdominal cavity).

We understand that asbestos abatement is highly regulated in Calgary, so we only use highly trained and certified technicians to handle the material. With our state-of-the-art equipment and unrivalled expertise, our asbestos and mould removal company can keep everyone on your property safe while eliminating and disposing of asbestos-based materials. We also follow up on asbestos removal projects with air quality testing performed by a 3rd party, to ensure your building is totally safe for occupation.

Mould Removal Services

Mould only requires some building material to feed on and a little moisture to thrive. At Lydale Property Restoration, we commence our mould remediation process with a thorough assessment of your property to determine the extent of the mould growth. Our skilled technicians then isolate the affected area and thoroughly remove all traces of mould and any affected materials. 

Our asbestos and mould removal company is careful to ensure toxic mould spores don't spread to other areas of your property where they can cause serious health problems. We also ensure the mould never returns by taking steps to seal the area from water damage and rebuilding using water-resistant materials. Moreover, our highly trained crews are IICRC Certified and well-equipped with the necessary tools and techniques to meet the highest service excellence standards.

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mould removal services calgary
asbestos and mould removal calgary

Large Loss Capability

At Lydale Property Restoration, we are highly experienced in managing large losses in buildings of all sizes, including single-family, multifamily, and commercial facilities. We have a dedicated team of senior project managers with the knowledge, skill sets and management tools to manage various large loss scenarios. We often work closely with architects, engineers, consultants and clients to help speed up claim processing from the onset of the remediation until completion.

By leveraging shared knowledge and experience from all our branches, our asbestos and mould removal company can consistently deliver exceptional results no matter the project's complexity. We have also secured substantial in-house staff, vendors, and sub-contractors to help expedite claims, procure materials affordably, and ensure reasonable market values on projects.

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Asbestos and mould are dangerous materials that require skilled crews to ensure safe remediation. Lydale Property Restoration has extensive experience in this area and can service properties of all sizes, from single dwellings to condos and multimillion-dollar complexes. Our asbestos and mould removal company is insured with an Environmental Package for Contractors to remediate asbestos and mould professionally.

With skilled asbestos abatement professionals in our Calgary office, we can respond to emergency situations in both residential and commercial buildings. Our goal is to avoid delays at the earliest stages of disaster restoration. More importantly, all our employees have Asbestos Awareness Training and a 2-day Asbestos Worker certification for effective abatement. Contact our asbestos and mould removal company today to schedule your asbestos or mould removal service in Calgary!

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